Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Tyler Hughes
Period 6
                                              Propaganda used in Cinematography

Cinematography is used heavily in Propaganda around the world.It has been used all throughout history and even the cold war.The invention and spread of cinematography only made it easier for political leaders to lie to their audience to gain more popularity even today.

Propaganda is biased or misleading information used to promote or publicize a particular political cause point of view.This was used a lot during World War 2 in both Germany and Russia by dictators.Adolf Hitler used propaganda to make the Jewish people seem sub human and to promote his own image to gain more followers.Joseph Stalin used propaganda to trick other countries into thinking his people were happy.He also threatened violence on his citizens if they were accused of being traitor to him and his country.

When the invention of cameras and video devices eventually came into use of the public,it only made it easier for political leaders to lie to the public.Kim Jung Un is the current dictator of North Korea and has been using propaganda since he came into leadership.He has been trying to do the same thing Joseph Stalin did during the cold war and fool other countries into thinking he is fair to his country through staged pictures and videos.It was only a couple years ago when American Photographers were able to sneak in and take real photos of the public.The photos proved Kim was an unfair dictator to his people and was using violence and fear to control his people.

Propaganda has been used even in modern day America,although to a less extreme extent.Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both use propaganda on each other to gain more votes.They stage pictures to seem like they have more followers than they actually do and exaggerate past crimes of each other to convey them as criminals.I personally believe its been hard to determine the truth nowadays because of how easy it is to manipulate a photo,and because of this,I believe it will remain popular for political leaders to do this for many years to come.


  1. This is very interesting! I look forward to learning more about your blog topic!

  2. This is very interesting! I am looking forward to reading more of your blog post about this topic!

  3. Very cool post, would like to hear more on cinematography propaganda

  4. I totally agree that it is so hard to know whats true today. The spread of fake news is so high today and social media makes it that much easier to spread. Although that is a downfall, social media also aids us in uncovering the truth of propaganda. Just like you said, once people were able to sneak photos of the real North Korea, we were shocked with the lies. I'm excited to see what other interesting stories and topics you post about!