Friday, October 7, 2016

Passion Blog

Tyler Hughes
Period 5
                                                Passion Blog

I am very passionate about the different styles used in every genre of movie.Ranging from black and white,found footage,or the normal shot-for-shot way used in most movies today.I think every director is very passionate about their projects and spend countless hours perfecting their work for the public.
I have enjoyed learning about cinematography all throughout high school by participating artistic design classes,like photo design and digital design. I started learning about cinematography in 9th grade by editing my own videos in digital design.Through that class I was able to learn how much work and time is spent making both high and low budget films.I have also learned the filming aspect of creating movies through photo design by working with the perfect lighting in a shot and how many tries it takes to create the perfect scene.I hope to learn more about cinematography in your class by doing more research and topics on the subject.I also hope to do more hands on learning in photo design by doing more projects requiring a digital camera and observing other classmates trying different ways to do the same assignment.

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