Thursday, October 13, 2016


Tyler Hughes
Period 5
                                                        Creative Writing Story

I was driving home from work when I got a call from Ben saying how there was an accident on route 95 with a 4 hour delay.Since it was raining and I didn't want to add to the number of accidents today,I chose to play it safe and spend the night at the local motel.I pulled up front to the nearest one on my map and called Jean to tell her where I was as not to make her worry and Id be home first sign of daylight. I went to the lobby where I saw the old owner trying to find someway to occupy his time.I asked him if he had rooms open for cheap,as I was planning on staying only a night.When he gave me the key he gave me a worried look as he looked at the room number,119.I asked if he was ok and he asked me a strange request.'Look pal,best thing you can do is stay away from the room 118 next to ya,nuthin goods gonna come from that room."I obliged as I didn't want to upset him,and went on my way.I found my room,made my bed,and tried to sleep.For some reason,I just couldn't. Maybe it was work or I was worried about Jean,But I couldn't drift off to slumber.I decided to pass the time and try to think about something else,like the room the old man was talking about,what could that be all about anyway?I mean,what harm could a room do?Especially one thatS not even occupied?My curiosity got the best of me and before I knew it,I was getting dressed and heading out the door to my forbidden neighbors.I stood outside 118 and didn't know what I expected,I decided the best option was to look through the keyhole.I looked through and saw a young girl,maybe in her late teens,just staring at the wall opposite to me,I found it odd,if not creepy,considering the room was supposedly vacant,and headed back to my own I found it much easier to fall asleep this time as my curiosity was cured.When I woke up,I grabbed my things and headed out the door.As I locked it,I remembered my strange encounter last night and chocked it up as being my over active imagination,but I had to be sure.I decided to look through the keyhole to room 118 one last time.Instead of a girl however,it was completely red.A deep red at that.I told myself that whoever was in that room must have known I was there and covered up the keyhole. Embarrassed,I headed back to tell the old man about the girl in the vacant room.After all,If I had to pay for a room,shouldn't everyone else?When I told him about my encounter,he just shook his head.'Listen,since you looked through the keyhole,I might as well tell ya the whole story.Couple years ago,couple teens checked out that room for the night.The day after when they were supposed to check out,I headed up to see what the problem was.When I opened the door,this poor girl was completely eviscerated across the entire room,they caught the guy couple miles south and locked him up for life"Officially creeped out and visibly shaken,I decided to leave the place and not look back.As I opened the front door and proceeded to walk out,I heard the old man one last time."Wait pal,I didnt even tell you the creepiest part yet!Apparently when the cops found the girl,Her Eyes were a deep red!Can you believe that!"

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Tyler Hughes
Period 6
                                              Propaganda used in Cinematography

Cinematography is used heavily in Propaganda around the world.It has been used all throughout history and even the cold war.The invention and spread of cinematography only made it easier for political leaders to lie to their audience to gain more popularity even today.

Propaganda is biased or misleading information used to promote or publicize a particular political cause point of view.This was used a lot during World War 2 in both Germany and Russia by dictators.Adolf Hitler used propaganda to make the Jewish people seem sub human and to promote his own image to gain more followers.Joseph Stalin used propaganda to trick other countries into thinking his people were happy.He also threatened violence on his citizens if they were accused of being traitor to him and his country.

When the invention of cameras and video devices eventually came into use of the public,it only made it easier for political leaders to lie to the public.Kim Jung Un is the current dictator of North Korea and has been using propaganda since he came into leadership.He has been trying to do the same thing Joseph Stalin did during the cold war and fool other countries into thinking he is fair to his country through staged pictures and videos.It was only a couple years ago when American Photographers were able to sneak in and take real photos of the public.The photos proved Kim was an unfair dictator to his people and was using violence and fear to control his people.

Propaganda has been used even in modern day America,although to a less extreme extent.Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both use propaganda on each other to gain more votes.They stage pictures to seem like they have more followers than they actually do and exaggerate past crimes of each other to convey them as criminals.I personally believe its been hard to determine the truth nowadays because of how easy it is to manipulate a photo,and because of this,I believe it will remain popular for political leaders to do this for many years to come.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Passion Blog

Tyler Hughes
Period 5
                                                Passion Blog

I am very passionate about the different styles used in every genre of movie.Ranging from black and white,found footage,or the normal shot-for-shot way used in most movies today.I think every director is very passionate about their projects and spend countless hours perfecting their work for the public.
I have enjoyed learning about cinematography all throughout high school by participating artistic design classes,like photo design and digital design. I started learning about cinematography in 9th grade by editing my own videos in digital design.Through that class I was able to learn how much work and time is spent making both high and low budget films.I have also learned the filming aspect of creating movies through photo design by working with the perfect lighting in a shot and how many tries it takes to create the perfect scene.I hope to learn more about cinematography in your class by doing more research and topics on the subject.I also hope to do more hands on learning in photo design by doing more projects requiring a digital camera and observing other classmates trying different ways to do the same assignment.


Tyler Hughes
Period 5
                                                  Humor Assignment

Whats the heaviest thing a camera assistant has to carry?
The Operator
                                         Image result for camera assistant

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

     I chose cinematography as my topic because I have always found how and where films were made throughout the decades to be a very interesting topic.I plan on covering everything from the cameras used in making the films to where they were filmed.I hope my readers get more information about cinematography in case they ever seek a passion in making films.

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Silent House Cinematography Review And History

Tyler Hughes
                                    Silent House cinematography review and history

Today I will be describing the difficulty,uniqueness,and creativity used in the film "Silent House".
Silent House is a film directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau in 2011 and brought a totally unique idea to the horror genre.The film is 1 hour and 26 minutes and was completely recorded in one unending shot.The shoots had to be done multiple times because of this,meaning that every time a line was misread,someone wasn't in position,or even if the lighting was slightly off,the film had to be completely redone.

The film is based off of the Uruguayan film "La Casa Muda",which translates to "The Silent House".La Casa Muda was directed by Gustavo Hernandez and was also filmed in one continuous take,but its run time is only 88 minutes.Although Silent House revived the idea of using one continuous take,it was not the first."Macbeth" is a film directed by Bela Tarr in 1982 in Hungary. Although its run time is 72 minutes,it is considered the first One-shot film ever created.

Films done in one shot have been idea thrown around from as early as the 1940s."Rope",Directed by Alfred Hitchcock himself,was edited to appear it was only done in one continuous take.Because of technology at the time and time constraints themselves,there was no way Hitchcock could have done the entire 2 hour film in one take.

"Bird man Or (The unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance)",is another film altered to appear as one continuous shot,and is one of the only films to not appear in the horror genre.It was released in America in 2014 and was directed by Alejandro G.During interviews with Alejandro,he stated that he was going for a "Satirical black comedy-drama film",rather than the horror genre done in most one-shot films.

Although Silent House has been given not so amazing reviews on most officials movie reviewing websites,I personally enjoyed the film as it showed that taking risks and hard work pays off when using a small budget.I personally recommend anyone who is a fan of the horror genre to see this film and hope to see more of its kind in the future.