Friday, September 30, 2016

Silent House Cinematography Review And History

Tyler Hughes
                                    Silent House cinematography review and history

Today I will be describing the difficulty,uniqueness,and creativity used in the film "Silent House".
Silent House is a film directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau in 2011 and brought a totally unique idea to the horror genre.The film is 1 hour and 26 minutes and was completely recorded in one unending shot.The shoots had to be done multiple times because of this,meaning that every time a line was misread,someone wasn't in position,or even if the lighting was slightly off,the film had to be completely redone.

The film is based off of the Uruguayan film "La Casa Muda",which translates to "The Silent House".La Casa Muda was directed by Gustavo Hernandez and was also filmed in one continuous take,but its run time is only 88 minutes.Although Silent House revived the idea of using one continuous take,it was not the first."Macbeth" is a film directed by Bela Tarr in 1982 in Hungary. Although its run time is 72 minutes,it is considered the first One-shot film ever created.

Films done in one shot have been idea thrown around from as early as the 1940s."Rope",Directed by Alfred Hitchcock himself,was edited to appear it was only done in one continuous take.Because of technology at the time and time constraints themselves,there was no way Hitchcock could have done the entire 2 hour film in one take.

"Bird man Or (The unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance)",is another film altered to appear as one continuous shot,and is one of the only films to not appear in the horror genre.It was released in America in 2014 and was directed by Alejandro G.During interviews with Alejandro,he stated that he was going for a "Satirical black comedy-drama film",rather than the horror genre done in most one-shot films.

Although Silent House has been given not so amazing reviews on most officials movie reviewing websites,I personally enjoyed the film as it showed that taking risks and hard work pays off when using a small budget.I personally recommend anyone who is a fan of the horror genre to see this film and hope to see more of its kind in the future.